Which type of material is used in polo shirt?

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We all have heard about Polo shirt [โรงงานผลิตเสื้อโปโล, which is the term in Thai], don’t we? Polo shirt are widely used all over the world which are made from a special material. We all have noticed that the material used in these shirt is different from other clothing material. Polo shirts are made from a knitted material which allows the body to move freely. This material was initially used in sports shirt but Ralph Lauren decided to use it in casual jerseys as well to give them a sporty look. Do not get confused with jerseys and pique as they are similar to each other. If you are looking for polo shirt then make sure it is soft and smooth and you feel comfortable while wearing it. Moreover, if you take a closer look at polo shirt you would find shapes similar to honeycombs. These are the ways through which you can easily differ among a jersey and pique.

How a polo shirt should fit on your body?

Polos shirts provides a cool look on your body. The best polo shirt is the one which is slim but not fit on your body. Moreover, the sleeves should be tight as well to complement the overall look. The reason why polo shirts are slim is because they have been made on the design of sport t-shirt. The polo shirt should not be too much tight over your body as it will ruin the look. If we talk about shoulder width and sleeves then make sure that shoulder seam should be aligned with shoulder bone. On the other hand, the sleeves should come midway through the biceps. Anything more or less will make the shirt use less. Furthermore, the length of the polo shirt should be longer from the back as compared to the front.

What is the difference between t-shirt and polo shirt?

There is a major difference between a t-shirt and polo shirt. One of the major difference among them is t-shirts are made up of cotton. But on the other hand polo shirts are made up of woven clothes. Polo shirts are wore casually and formally as compared to t-shirt which are wore on casual occasions only.

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