Why Choose a Beretta Shotgun?

Shotguns are a popular option when thinking about home-defence, hunting, or clay shooting. One of the leading manufacturers of shotguns is Beretta, they are one of the oldest manufacturers of the shotgun. Solware can help you with anything related to air rifles and air guns. Now, let us see why you should choose a Beretta shotgun.

A Brief History of Beretta

Beretta was found in 1526. They have marked their history in wars and the lives of people. They started supplying firearms to all major European wars by 1960. Since then, they now supply semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, submachine guns, machine pistols & even launchers.

Wide Range of Products

400 years of performance in the firearms market let them create the largest product range. You can get a shotgun that meets most requirements, be it defence, clay pigeon shooting, or hunting. Beretta can be your one-point contact to find your right shotgun.

Beretta shotguns are light, yet powerful and incredibly balanced. Beretta focuses on making the product tailored to the customers. Light guns are available for those who find trouble handling the shotgun. People who rely on weight have heavy firearms from Beretta to make your aim & recoil better.

Body & Style

Beretta is a customer-centred product manufacturer. 400 years of feedback made them a company that cares for its customers. Let it be a firm grip, large grip, longer, sleek design, handmade, over/under, side by side, different gauge, or anything, Beretta is there for you. Beretta shotguns tend to have simple, elegant, and beautiful designs. They provide bodies that are metal black with camo suits. 


Beretta has a large network of dealers and marketing agencies. Solware, can assist you with whatever you are worried about your shotgun. Be it new gauges, the load type, maintenance, repair, or even expert opinion on anything about guns. 

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