Four reasons why service sanitation is vital in our life?

Sanitation means public health broadly; it refers to the state of drinking water and how human excreta is disposed, service sanitation means the services of these activities. Sanitation services are very crucial in our life as if it is not done. It would produce very harmful bacteria and pathogens, which could lead to failing health.

Sanitation services aim to protect human health by providing a clean environment that will stop disease transmission through the oral routes, for example, diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, polio.

The disease, which is due to sanitation, is often called waterborne disease. These waterborne diseases are the reason behind 4% of the death in a year. Unimproved sanitation results in a big turmoil service sanitation can curb this menace. The percentage will not be a sounding gigantic, but inexpensive measures could cure these. People do not take cleanliness as a severe aspect of anyone’s life.

Sanitation is essential in our life as to mention it involves health but other aspects, like education, economics, and the environment.

  • Education: – 

Sanitation has a direct effect on education as we are talking about the disease, which could be in our bodies for a while. And not to mention these could lead to less time on education but more time on resting and recovering. Some of the diseases are a chronic disease that could knock the child for a long time, resulting in low focal learning.

  • Economical: – 

As they say, Health is Wealth. No coincidence, developed countries have more great sanitation facilities. Because everything is related to your health as the money spend to cure the disease caused by poor sanitation would have invested by you, it could have to turn out in personal growth. According to UNICEF, if everyone had access to the necessary water, there would have $11.6 billion saved. This would have turned the tables for the non-developed nations.

  • Environment: –

Sanitation plays a crucial role in the environment as well; it promotes a sustainable environment. Sustainable means that we are saving our resources for tomorrow and using it efficiently in today. Sanitation also plays a part in disposing of the human excreta, which could be used in farming. Poor hygiene has led to disposing of excreta in water bodies or landscapes and even in inhabitant areas. Fertilizers made using human excreta are good for the environment as we are not polluting our land, and it is suitable for humans. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

  • Health: –

Last but not least, it attacks the most apparent and most important aspect, and that is health. More than half of the beds are covered because of diseases caused by sanitation. Diarrhea alone is responsible for the deaths of 5000 children per day. And it can be cured by having proper toilet facilities, clean running water and an appropriate means of garbage disposal.   

Sanitation is still a luxury for many countries. These countries are deprived of service sanitation because many countries are in the shadow of waterborne disease as we saw how these diseases can weaken everything in one’s life.

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