Multiple Ways to Clean Vape Tank

Whether you are an experienced vaper or you have just started vaping, you must keep your device clean and maintained for its long life. Clearomizer vape tank is the latest automizer that is in trends. These tanks are unique and designed to give the vapers the most satisfying vaping experience.

The lifespan of an e-Cigarette vape tank

While the conventional tobacco cigarettes are disposable after every use, e-cigarettes can be used multiple times. However, there are few parts which require replacement like vape coil which last for 1-2 weeks. User does not need to change the vape tank frequently as it can last for 3-4 months but if one takes care of vape tank then it could last for few more months as well the user will get a nice vaping experience if maintained well. The vape tank of Smok 225w mag kit has a good life but if the vaper pays a little attention towards its maintenances then it can last for more months and can save your money.

How do I clean vape tank?

Cleaning a vape tank is simple and easy. If you are using a smok starter kit then it is simpler to clean. Avoid soap or detergent to clean the vape tank as they have a strong odour and they can leave residue after the cleaning which can mix with the e-liquid and change the flavour of your vape.

Steps to clean the vape tank

  1. Remove the vape tank from the kit and pour out all remaining e-liquid. 
  2. Now pour hot water into the tank and rinse that thoroughly to remove the leftover e-liquid in that. If you clean your vape tank regularly then washing the tank for 15-20 seconds is sufficient. 
  3. Now you can use a clean towel to soak up the remaining water in the tank. Leave the tank for 10-15 minutes to dry all the water. If there is still some water remained in the tank then it is normal. 
  4. Now the tank is ready for the e-liquid refill.

Tips: If there is any residue inside the tank then you can clean it with distilled water, jewellery cleaner, alcohol or vodka. There are few residues which could not be cleaned by normal water so you can add any of the above-mentioned liquid in the water. 

While cleaning the tank with alcohol doesn’t leave any rubber or plastic component in the tank as it will leads to decay tank.

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