Safety measures in garage doors

7Garages are very useful for not just keeping your vehicles but also keeping those items which you are not going to use often. Thus, it becomes important that you have a secure garage door to keep all your stuff safe from the thieves and even stray animals. The garage door openers come in a variety of mechanisms like bar opener, remote control opener or a power button opener; it is up to you, what kind of mechanism would suit you. You can install any type of garage door by hiring a company specialized in this field. 

Some safety features that you should include in your garage door are –  

Mechanical release – Almost every garage door company provides this safety feature in a garage door. If you are in your garage and the power goes off while the door is closed, there is a mechanical bar near the door which you can use to get out. 

Sensor – There are sensors installed in the garage doors or somewhere near it that detects any activity near the door. If anyone is in the path of the door, while the garage door is closing, there are chances that you might get hurt if they are not aware. But with these sensors, the door’s infrared technology will detect the blocking and won’t shut down.  

Force setting – This feature ensures that if there is resistance to the door while it is shutting down, it will stop immediately. The setting is really helpful if you have kid/s in the house playing all over the place. They are ignorant of their safety and might get hurt while playing near the garage; or it can also happen to you or anyone else. The setting is also helpful if you have left some item in the way of the garage; your stuff won’t get destroyed by the door as it will open back as soon as it touches it.

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