Tile roofing for your dream house

People in America have always had a soft spot for tile roofing. Roof is the most important thing to consider in a house, as it covers the house and protects it from rain and other natural factors. Professional roofer in Los Angeles County will always tell you to opt for tiles during roofing as it has a lot of benefits.

Characteristics of a tile roof

Roof installation Santa Monica is easy to avail due large number of agencies present in the area. Traditionally, roof tiles are made out of baked clay but now there is a variety of materials and colors that they are available in. Traditional roof tiles are pretty heavy and require reinforcement of the building in order to get installed. But nowadays a lot of synthetic tiles are available that weigh a lot less but offer same characteristics and benefits to the users and don’t require strengthening of the building.

Benefits of tiled roofs

Tiled roofs offer a lot of benefits and some of the important ones out of them are mentioned below:-

  • Aesthetics

Tiles on roof are aesthetically very pleasing to eyes. They provide a classic Spanish or Mediterranean look to your house and can house many accessories like sunroof, bird stops etc. These come in a wide variety of designs and colors due to which the design possibilities are endless.

  • Strength

Tiles are very strong and have a very long life expectancy. They are ideal for usage on the roof as they are completely fireproof and are strong enough to see through the damages caused by earthquakes and hurricanes. This proves that they can easily avoid major damages even in harsh weather conditions. These have Class A rating based on strength.

  • Makes your house energy efficient

Tiles are a great insulator which means that your house will remain cool in summers and will stay warm in winters. This makes your house energy efficient and allows you to save a bit on your electricity bills.

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