Tips to get Instagram followers

Instagram is a very popular social media platform. As of writing this article, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram is also a very big platform for influencer marketing, there are millions of influencers on Instagram. Brands approach these Instagram influencers to promote their brand. Any user can become an influencer on Instagram, the most essential thing required to become an influencer on Instagram is to get Instagram followers. Instagram influencers are usually the people with a large number of followers that is the main criteria to become the influencer. So, in this article, we will discuss some tips on how anyone can easily get Instagram followers.

Post regularly on your Instagram account:

The most important step to get Instagram followers is to keep the account active. To do this you need to post the content daily on Instagram. You may post images, videos, or newly introduced short videos known as ‘Instagram reels.’ You can also post all three. If you are posting multiple contents in a single day then do not post them at the same time, keep a time-space between two consecutive posts. Do not post unnecessary things on your Instagram.

Post content related to your account:

Post content related to the field you have chosen. For instance, if you want to be a fashion influencer then post content related to fashion, like images or videos of you wearing new clothes, shoes, or bags. Do not post unrelated pictures or videos in your Instagram profile. By doing this your Instagram profile will be aesthetically pleasing or generally looks clean.

Use hashtags properly:

Hashtags or generally referred to as tags are a major part of Instagram. Tags help the users to find desired content or accounts. How tags work is, Instagram users when they post content on their profile add certain tags to those content posted. When the user searches for the content with those same tags as used in the post, they are shown that particular content. That is why tags are important, so after posting the content on Instagram add tags in the captions of the post. You can also use tags that may be related to your content that is posted. By doing this you appear in the search results more often, you might also be featured in the Instagram recommendation feed if you use the right tags and your content is very good.

The newly launched feature – Instagram reels:

Instagram has launched a new feature called Instagram reels. Reels are short videos of up to 30 seconds that the users can post and watch on Instagram. As it is a new feature Instagram is pushing more reels to the user, reels generally get more reach than any other form of content on Instagram. Therefore, it is recommended that you post more reels on your Instagram to get more reach. Hence, get Instagram followers. 


These are the tips you can follow to get Instagram followers. Following the tips and doing exactly as stated will not guarantee an instant increase in followers. The content you post on Instagram also plays a major role in the growth of your Instagram account. If the users like your Instagram content, they share, like, and comment on the post. It makes Instagram push more of your content to the users hence increasing your reach on the platform.

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