Tips to get your website on the first page on google?

In order to get more views and organically ranking one has to get their website on Google first page [หน้าแรก google, which is the term in Thai]. Following are the steps of how to do it:

  • Begin by commanding the long tail keyword. This long tail keyword will get you bunch of traffic
  • Pay in order to reach the top of the google search engine.
  • Try to add more valuable content and blog then your competitor 
  • Get included in round-up posts with negligible time and exertion.

Moreover there are different techniques which you can use to rank first on Google page. Investigate some irrefutably best SEO information you can ever take a gander at, appeared to you by Google web crawler calculation. Test with these measurements and take unique note of high impression to mean keywords that Google is as of now positioning your site high in its natural outcomes. Now all you have to do is creating useful content targeting keyword and share the link on your social profiles. 

Benefits of getting your website on the first page of google

Google is the almighty. It shows sites on the webpage, figuring out which pages are the most valuable and pertinent for its clients for all intents and purposes any point. Getting your website on the first page offers different benefits like:

  • It improves your visibility getting your web site on the page on google is like planting your business on the busiest road in town.
  • It will help you to reaches your valuable customers
  • It will help people to learn about, compare and engage with your business.
  • Google radically increment traffic to your site as the first page of Google captures at least 70% of web traffic.
  • Getting on the first page requires regular updating of hog quality content which results in increasing of industry authority. 

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