Top Uses of Double-Sided Bonding Tape

There are several different uses of double-sided bonding tape.


The first use is for floor protection. If you have any type of construction going on inside of your home, then you are probably want to cover the floor or walkways with carpet in order to protect the surface for anything that can happen to the floor during the construction process. Therefore, you are going to want to use the doubled sided tape on the carpet because it is aggressive enough to hold the carpet down without leaving any type of residue on the floor when it is removed.


The second use is to mount something on the wall temporarily before you permanently mount it. You can use the doubled sided bonding tape in order to hold something in place while you are trying to permanently mount it. A good example of this is the electrical panels, baseboards, light switch junction boxes, crown moldings, and electronic thermostats.


The third use is to permanently attach the insulation into the wall. You can use the doubled sided take to attach the insulation to a building. This is the best way to make sure that the insulation is actually going to stick.


The fourth use is to overlap any type of flooring underlayment. This will include attenuation barriers. Since there are a lot more buildings are becoming airtight, then sound is becoming a big issue. But if you have the double-sided bonding tape on the underlayment of the flooring, it will work great for the sound attenuation materials.


The fifth use is that you can overlap the vapor barrier seams and then you will attach them to the cement walls that are inside of the crawlspaces. There are a lot more builders who are putting the vapor barriers inside of the crawlspaces in order to seam the building envelope. This is just in case there is some type of air leakage inside the basement. Therefore, if you are not wanting to use screws on the walls on the basement, then you can use the double-sided bonding tape to attach the barriers to the wall.


The sixth use is to overlap the housewrap seams. You can use the single-sided tape in order to seal the housewrap but it is probably going to allow the water to get behind the tape and then inside of the structure of your home. You can use a roller in order to bond the tape but it is still going to be a better idea for you to use the double-sided tape as the housewrap tape. This means that you will have the ability to overlap the seams and make sure that no water will get through the bonding tape.


The seventh use is to make it a lot easier to install the building materials. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of manufacturers are using the double-sided tape to make sure that the building materials are easy to install. Since there is a shortage of labor as a big issue in the United States, it is always a good idea to save some time on the installation. This is one of the most important things that you can do when you have any type of construction project going on inside of your home.

These are the top seven uses for the double-sided tape for any type of bonding that you are going to be doing inside of your home especially when it comes to a construction project.

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