Is plastic surgery more popular with men or women?

People have become more and more intrigued by the idea of plastic surgery. It is quite evident that human being; both women and men are somewhat obsessed with self-improvement. People have been altering their bodies for a long time. 


You can find documentation about plastic surgery that dates back to 4, 000 years ago. Since the 2000s, the advancement of plastic surgery has revolutionized the different ways people can change their bodies. Through the internet and television, people all over the world have come to trust the procedure. This has consequently led to its popularity.


In this article we’ll break down why plastic surgery is important for both men and women in Poland. 

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Plastic Surgery for men


Plastic surgery has been successful for men to alter their bodies through plastic surgeries. It is no longer just for women. Statistics has proved that male cosmetic procedures are progressing every day. Just like women, men have come to trust the benefits of plastic surgeries. They can change anything they don’t like with their bodies.


Statistics for male plastic surgeries


Research has been carried out by Plastic Surgeons and it clearly portrays the increase in plastic surgeries for men. This a mind-boggling increase started in 2000 when the male cosmetic surgeries rose to 28% of the people who have used plastic surgery. In the year 2016 men had taken up 8% of all cosmetic procedures. In 2018 there was a 22% increase in the number of males who used plastic surgery from the year 2000.The total number of men who used plastic surgery in 2018 was 214, 741 males. 


Popular surgeries that men go for:


  1. Rhinoplasty


Reshaping noses is the most popular surgery with men. The nose is an important part of the face, so men all over the world like to adjust it according to what makes the feel more attractive. 


  1. Liposuction


According to statistics done in 2018, many men prefer to reduce fat from different parts of their body like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, upper and backs of the arms, calves, and back.


  1. Eyelid surgery


May men prefer to have less puffy eyes and they therefore remove the fat under their eyelids to make them look younger.


Plastic surgery for women


Women have always been more susceptible to go under the knife to enhance their looks, so people will always assume that more women have plastic surgery nowadays. History will show that women have done more surgeries but we need to acknowledge which of the two is becoming more popular in today’s world. 


Statistics for women plastic surgeries


Since the year 2000 many women have been introduced to different ways to enhance, adjust or change their image. Statistics shows that 1,464,423 women underwent cosmetic procedure. This was a mere 1% increase from the previous year which clearly indicates that increase in women plastic procedures is growing at a slower rate in recent times. 


Popular surgeries that women go for:


  1. Breast augmentation


It is not a surprise that women like to enhance their breasts. Other make them bigger while other make them smaller. In 2018 over 300,000 women altered their breasts.


  1. Liposuction


Just like men, women don’t like extra fat under their skin. Being slender is important for women. Most women reduce fats from their abdomen, thighs and ass.


  1. Eyelid Surgery


Women prefer to look younger than their actual age so they reduce the fat that is stored under the eyelids. This procedure is also known as Blepharoplasty.


Plastic surgery is becoming safe and more affordable this means that numbers for both men and women will grow gradually. Although more women are than men are using plastic surgery the growth rate for women is decreasing and those for males is increasing. Find out more about cosmetic surgery in Poland.