The Ageless Elements of a Classic Garden

Gardening brings out the personality of a gardener. Some opt for a quirky style with all the bold colors. Some go for modern gardens with sleek materials and minimalism in mind. Others still go for classic gardens. There is something elegant when one thinks of this style. What elements can help a budding gardener, or even a seasoned one, achieve this design?

Let Your Accents Create an Impact

Small details can work wonders when used well. Containers such as beautiful Versailles planter boxes are good additions to any classic gardens. Aside from their visual appeal, they are very functional, too. The removable panels help one to tend for the plant’s roots. Also, drainage and aeration are not issues because of the grated interior. Of course, only the gardener will know of such features. What guests will see is how these planters blend well with the classic design of the garden.

Other accents can contribute to a classic appeal. Rock gardens, a timeless statue, a hammock are some examples. Remember to use such accents to make a garden look more appealing. Do not overcrowd your little patch of earth with these items. The correct placement also makes a huge difference.

Be Mindful of Lines and Patterns

Classic gardens thrive with the concepts of calmness and tidiness. These can be achieved best through straight lines. Hedges make excellent boundaries around your garden. They are clean to look at and easy to maintain. Straight pathways of bricks and tiles also create a tidy effect.

Cohesion and balance are also important elements of a classic garden. A spray of colors is not a priority in this type of garden. Instead, a repeated pattern of shapes and colors is favored to create an organized look. Symmetry provides rest to the eyes, and the plants will not look cluttered.

Make Water Flow

Water is often associated with having a soothing effect. A fountain of any kind is a nice addition to any classic garden. The architecture, visual appeal, and calming sounds all add to an air of elegance. It can also be a central focus of a garden.

There are some considerations in selecting the type of fountain that will best fit a garden. While basin types may look nice, the water can easily accumulate on the container. This stagnant water can be home to dirt and a breeding ground for insects. The choice of fountains should not only be for aesthetics alone. Think of space, availability of electrical outlets, plumbing, and commitment to maintenance. An unkempt fountain becomes an eyesore instead of an asset.

Choose Classic Blooms

Classic gardens are not home for vibrant and quirky colors. Light or pastel colors are better selections for this type of garden. White blooms, such as Annabelle hydrangeas, are best used to create simplicity. If one desires to create a classic garden, they must know how to create beauty in the most simple of blooms. Also, be creative by popping colors that blend well with the classic features of the garden. Examples are the blue morning glory and antique roses. These old-fashioned flowers give a timeless charm to a garden.

A garden can be a sanctuary from a busy life. It can be a person’s quiet corner when they want to recharge. A classic garden with its ageless elements exudes a peaceful aura that anyone will enjoy.

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