The Tezos Ico Recovery Way

The Tezos initial coin also known as ICO gives you a way to upgrade your capital. Its been a while that the tezos ICO has been ended. The tezos initial coin (ICO) offering had begun in July. If you have your tezos remaining for the claim which you had received by participating in the ICO, then you need not worry. There are many ways through which tezos ICO recovery process can be taken in place.

Tezos ICO was marketed with a fair amount making it one among the great ICO of its time. Tezos IOC recovery can be done with the help of the following

  1. seed phrase, which is the ICO contribution found through the PDF.
  2. passwords are very important to gain access for any recovery
  3. the email address with which you had registered for the tezos
  4. the public key which you receive in tezos.

All the above is the mandatorily required items to get tezos ICO recovery done. The above items are linked to the account, while the time of registration. One must be aware of the registration process for which are vital when needed for recovery. Once the registration is done, the contributor is requested to complete the mandatory verification process for the identity check.

When the verification process is over, that is the time when the contributor receives an activation code. This activation code is given to the correspondence of the public key hash. Once you have completed the process you will add it to the tezos blockchain. You are also provided with the tezos wallet, which in itself is capable of restoring or even creating a new one.

Tezos is a stage provided for all the smart and decentralized contracts. It allows you to protect your tezos from the thieves who are behind you. You can protect tezos with the help of the trusted tezos wallet, you can keep them. You can keep your tezos with an ICO wallet made with two keys

  • public key
  • private key

the private key is used for the trading of tezos from one to another account. It is the pair of twelve seed phrases, and it is very vital to keep this key away from the hands of others and should be secured kept. If you lose the key, you lose the wallet. The one who possesses the private key is the one who possesses the tezos wallet.

It is vital to keep your key away from the prying eyes of others who are just waiting for a chance to invade into others’ accounts. If you ever lose your key, then you may need to be careful and smart before your wallet is wiped off.

Now as you have understood the importance of the private keys and the registration part let’s discuss the tezos ICO recovery part. So let us get started and discuss the same step-by-step.

  • When you have created an account, and you have your tezos wallet them you will want to follow some steps so that you can recoup with your tezos from the ICO
  • Firstly open your chrome or firefox and enter into the tezos website, and there will be the option given, from that pick the option ICO wallet
  • Now put in your email id and password. The tezos asks for the password to take access to the wallet.

Once the password is set, you have tezos ICO recovery done successfully

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