Tips That’ll Help You To Create A Strong Backdoor Password For IoT Devices

Protecting IoT devices like IP cameras and DVR with a strong backdoor password is very important to ensure that no unauthorized person gets remote access to operate your devices. As soon as you connect your devices to the internet, you need to change the default password to something strong. But, first, enable the browser plugin. Once done, you’ll be redirected to the password change page. Having said that, before learning how to change the password of IP cameras, it’s necessary that you learn how to make a strong password and how to protect that password.

What Password Is A Strong Password?

Gone are the days when changing the default password to anything random was sufficient. Attackers have come up with extremely dangerous malware and viruses that can be easily penetrated in the system if the devices are hacked. Thus, making the password strong is the only suitable option. So, trying to understand what password is a strong password? If yes, read the suggestions below.

  • Do not use simple passwords like the name of your pet or your date of birth. These are the first things that hackers target.
  • Do not create anything less than 8 characters. Also, the characters can be made further complex, for example – ‘cat’ can be written as 3120 or C@20, and so on. These combinations are unique. You should also include uppercase and lowercase letters and special symbols like @, =, ©, ®, and so on.

Ideally, anything that’s unique and more than 12 characters long is considered to be very strong and safe.

Next comes the tips on how to safeguard a strong password. The most effective ones include the following.

  • Do not share the password
  • Do not repeat the password
  • Save all complex passwords in one password organizing app so that you do not forget them

How To Change The Default Password Of IP Cameras?

If you’ve just purchased a new IP camera, then the password changing guide below will be very helpful.

  • Open the Login page of the camera on a secure internet browser.
  • Enable the browser Plugin.
  • Open the configuration icon, click on the option ‘Basic Configuration’. You’ll find the ‘Security’ option there. Click on it to proceed.
  • Select the ‘User’ and click on the ‘Modify’ option.
  • Replace the default password with the new one, re-enter it, and then click on ‘OK’.

Follow the same procedure if you want to change the password you have set to something new and stronger.

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