Welfare Unit – What is It? Why One Should Require and What to Consider When Hiring?

If you are working at any site or going to any event then you simply require the entire necessary facilities. Here comes the time when you require a welfare unit. Here everyone can find all the usual facilities in capable or compact way. These welfare units are static or mobile as well and these are designed according to the requirements of staff or course of the entire project. There are plenty of companies present out there that provide the welfare unit services to make it ease for the people. In a welfare unit, the users or workers can perform their basic activities and have their lunch. 

Now, another major question that arises here is that why one should require a welfare unit? Well, the answer to the same question is that when anyone is working at construction site and getting tires, then they require some good space to get rest or where they can sit comfortably and eat. Also, the particular unit can be used for making tea or coffee in the morning, it can be used for discussing the project with your staff, holding meeting and for many other purposes too. So, if you are the one who is looking for the best welfare unit hire, then you should make a deal with reputed company. 

What features you need to look in a welfare unit?

Here are some main features present which the users get when they hire a perfect welfare unit. Before going to the main features, one should know that facilities of the welfare unit are depends on the location, type and size. Also, the same thing is based on the type of entire project which is planned. All the workers who are working on a construction site should access to washing facilities, hot water, eat food, place to store things and many other facilities. So, below are the main features of welfare unit present which users should know and consider them when looking for welfare unit hireas to make everything easy when working and casual. 

  1. Washing facilities – at construction site, workers need to hire that welfare unit which is having proper washing facilities. The entire unit can easily be washed and kept clean. Individuals need to choose that unit in which they clean the sinks, basins and all other things. Also, the welfare unit they choose contains the facility of cold and hot water, place to keep soap, shower and all other basic washing facilities.
  2. Toilet facilities – one should look for that particular welfare unit which has perfect toilets. These toilets can be washed o cleaned easily. Also, all the toilets are properly ventilated and lit. The major facility they should consider is that the workers can easily wash their hands after using it for urinal or toilet.
  3. Changing rooms – it means that if the workers require their working dress to wear then they require some space to change their clothes. So, one must look for that welfare unit in which they get changing rooms. The changing rooms include means of drying, space to keep private items and seating. 
  4. Proper space to rest – when workers got tired after working for a long time, then they need some space to rest. In the welfare unit hire you choose, there must be some area where there are lots of seating or tables required. So, that at a single time lots of workers can sit comfortably and get some rest. 
  5. Enough space to perform kitchen activities – the same thing here refers to the space at where workers can perform all the kitchen activities such as making tea or food. If the workers feel hunger, then they can easily go in welfare unit and get some stuff to eat or drink.

Therefore, all these are the best and most important features that people need to look for when looking for a perfect welfare unit. To know which company is that best for getting the same services, one must checkout the reviews and then go ahead. 

What about portable welfare units?

Yes, sometimes the workers need to some space free to construct at the place where their welfare unit is places, so in the same case the workers require portable one. These welfare units are very easy to use from one place to another. Mainly, two to three workers or people can move a portable welfare unit. Another fine thing is that one can simply get the entire facilities such as toilet, washing, resting and many others according to their needs. 

So, before going for welfare unit hire, one must know their requirements and ask the company to provide them with the same services. In the same way, they become able to get a proper space near their construction site to eat, rest and for getting relax. Also, the size of these portable welfare units depends on the facilities people require. If anyone wants the entire facilities in a unit, then the size can be large. 

Basic things to know about welfare unit

People should know that they have to choose that particular welfare unit which is made up of full steel. Also, the unit must be made with anti-vandal construction in order to provide proper safety and security on any place. The most important thing that plays an important role when hiring the welfare unit services is size. One should consider the entire things such as number of workers, their needs and many others before hiring one. After then, one must hire the perfect size welfare unit accordingly to use it with great ease and comfortably. 

The best and normal size of welfare unit is 20ft*9ft which includes all major facilities such as resting, changing, eating and many others. Also, the welfare units can be hired into large or small sizes according to the requirements of workers or people. The only thing is that before going to finalize the process ofwelfare unit hire, one should take assistance of the reviews and gather the entire crucial information to make a right decision. 

How to hire the best company for getting welfare unit?

Below are the major things that all individuals need to know before hiring the best company for getting welfare units. Theses things include the experince, charges, types of welfare units and many other things. All the major things that matter when you are looking for the best company to get the same services are given below.

  1. Experince – welfare unit is very important to be perfect as users can easily all their requirements at their workplace or event. So, when looking for the same services, they need to consider the experince of the company. Among all other companies present out there, people need to choose that one which has more experience to offer the same services.
  2. Reputation of the company – yes, considering the same factor is also very important. One should look for a reputed company that is offering the top-notchwelfare unitservices. It is because by choosing a reputed company, one can get all types of welfare unit hire and then meet their requirements. 
  3. Charges – it is another fine factor to pay attention on. When going to hire the best quality welfare unit for any construction place or for any other place, one should focus on charges. They need to hire that company which offers the great quality services in affordable rates. In the same way, one can easily use the welfare unit in construction site or in event with reasonable charges.

Apart from all these things, people need to include all the basic things that relates to welfare unit before hiring the service finally. 

Main types of welfare unit

Before hiring, every person must know that there are various types of welfare units present. All are having their different properties and importance. Therefore, one must know their requirements first and then hire the perfect type of welfare unit accordingly. Below are the main types of welfare units present, which people need to know when going look for welfareunit hire services.

  1. Comfort space unit – people who want the welfare unit in a remote location need to hire the same unit. It is because the same unit comes with eco diesel generator board and with the toilet or resting facilities. It is a combination of all essential things such as a good space to rest, anti-vandal, high security and with many other features.
  2. Site solo –the part type of welfare unit is the best among all others and it is 24ft in size. It is only used when require for onsite. It also comes with generator of 9Kva which used for lighting and heating. Not only is this, same type of welfare unit has canteen facilities too including with toilet and resting space.
  3. Ecosmart junior 12 – for all the people who are looking for the welfare unit with Ecosmart technology, the same type if perfect. Its size is almost 12 ft and it has full heating system, kettle, microwave, space to canteen facilities and rest.
  4. Securicab 7-Man welfare unit–it is a great welfare unit which has the space for almost 7 people at a single time. Also, it has complete toilet facilities and got the generator services too. So, if the numbers of individuals are more to use the welfare unit then the same type if perfect to use. It also contains a good space for the onsite staff.
  5. Ecosmart 20 – when thinking about getting welfare unit hire services, then the best type is Ecosmart 20. It is a 20ft portable unit which contains cabin space of almost twelve people. It has energy-efficient technology which helps in saving costs of the energy used. Also, it provides the environment-friendly features and a great light system.
  6. Easycabin Eco Junior 16–here comes another environment friendly welfare unit. It is 16ft in size and includes a full heating system. Also, like other units it has space to rest and performing necessary activities. Not is this, it contains the space for twelve people and good office space for staff meetings, etc.

Finally, all these are the best and main types of welfare units that people need to consider before hiring the best one. All these are the best and different properties, so one must know everything about their course of project and then choose the right welfare unit hire services in order to get positive results. 

4 main benefits of using welfare unit

Below-mentioned are the main benefits of using welfare unit. Every people need to read them and understand their importance. Also, these benefits help people in choosing the right welfare unit when they are construction site or at any event.

  1. Rest – yes, after hiring a good welfare unit, one can simply do rest for a short time to get relax and energy to work again.
  2. Eating space – it means that after performing a lot of work, users got tired and they get some space to eat or drink. So, they can easily use welfare unit to for the eating purpose.
  3. Toilet facilities–when, you are using a welfare unit, then one can simply use the toilet facilities properly. Also, after performing the activities people can easily wash their hands and get some space to sit. 
  4. Changing space – when, one can use a welfare unit, then they can simply get enough space of changing their clothes. In the same way, they can easily remove their clothes and put on the working clothes. 

Therefore, all these are the best and main benefits of using welfare unit. People need to look for the best welfare unit hire services and then get better quality services. 


In a nutshell, people need to go ahead by choosing the right welfare unit services. In the same way, they can enjoy their entire work and complete their necessary requirements in welfare unit.

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