What to choose for styling male hair2

The first cosmetic products for men, which were used as styling products, were found on the hair samples of ancient Egyptian mummies. Substances consisted mainly of resins and fats of plant or animal origin.

Closer to the XIX – XX, the production of styling products for male hair has become increasingly reminiscent of the form in which it is developed now. Lipsticks and waxes were based on beeswax and petroleum jelly. Later production came to gels, mousses and varnishes. Today, in the era of cultivating the culture of male grooming and styling, it is difficult to imagine a complete male haircut without the appropriate styling. To choose the right styling product, you need to understand what result you want to achieve, what your hair structure is.

The best you can choose for styling your head:

Bril cream is one of the most common hair styling products in Brooklyn by Brooklyn Barbers. It is neither expensive nor exclusive, which does not detract from its reliability. Hair cream has the consistency of soft Vaseline and is easily distributed to wet or dry hair. Depending on the amount of cream applied, the curls will shine more or less oily.

The first and most important thing to remember about wax as a styling agent is the “guru” of strong fixation. Petroleum jelly base is ideal for british haircuts, as well as for fixing the iroquois. The history of these cosmetics for men began in the times of ancient Egypt, when the pharaohs used natural wax to fix the shape of a haircut and avoid insects, sand and dirt from getting into the hair. To recall even old pictures of cinema – all haircuts for men differed in a special “architectural” form, with the effect of wet hair. Yes, it was all wax. The substance itself is a complex chemical compound that does not dissolve in water. It keeps on hair for a long time, it is washed off exclusively with shampoo.

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