Why Online Pet Pharmacies are giving tough competition to local drug stores?

The brick and mortar drug store have long been fulfilling the medicinal need of pet owners around the world. People since a long time have been heavily relying on the traditional drug stores which stock up numerous medicines for various diseases. But slowly things are changing and people nowadays are shifting to the pet pharmacy online.

There are many reasons behind this shift and one reason may be that people nowadays have hectic work schedule that hinders them from making frequent visits to local drug stores. Another reason is that people look for convenience because for them it is no less than a struggle to juggle between taking care of the sick pet and managing other important work.

But these reasons are not enough to say that online pharmacies are giving a tough competition to traditional pet drug stores. There are various other factors which have led to the rise of online pharmacies against the local pet drug stores. Let’s look at what are the other reasons because of which the local pet drug stores have been witnessing steep competition from their online counterparts.

Not every medicine is available at local pet drug store: The biggest drawback of local pet drug store is that they don’t keep every medicine which the pet owner might be looking for. It is often seen that pet owners drive through different pet drug stores and doesn’t find the pet medicine they were looking for.

This makes the pet owner quite irritated but this is the reality that pet owners face every now and then. Veterinary doctors prescribessome specific medicine so that the pet can recover quickly but when that medicine is not available at numerous local pet stores the pet owner look for other alternatives and nowadays they have it in the form of online pet pharmacies.

Local pet drug stores are not good at providing discounts:Another thing that pet owners doesn’t like about local pet drug stores is that they are not very good at providing discounts. This may be due to the various reasons like electricity bills, employee’s salary and miscellaneous expenses but pet owners certainly don’t care about it.

Pet owners look for discount on every purchase and online pet pharmacies are very good at it. Because pet pharmacies procure medicines in bulk directly from the manufacturer they are able to transfer that benefit to the pet owners in the form of huge discounts on every purchase.

Getting refund and return is very dubious with local pet drug stores:When it comes to making return of medicines or asking for refund the customer experience of pet owners is not always good. Local drug stores are not the best in the business when the customer ask for return or refund. In this regard the online pet pharmacies take utmost care of their customers.

Making return or requesting for refund is very easy with online pet pharmacies.The pet owner need not to describe a lot about the Total Pet Supply and medicine instead all that he has to do is to submit a request for refund and return.

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