Extension socket saves a lot of space:

The power plug is very necessary for every room and house. But having too many switchboards in the house looks bad. Plus, it takes space in the wall. That can be used to decorate the house. But now it is occupied by the switchboards. That is why one or two switchboards in the room look completely fine. But having it four or five then it is not good. Instead of that, one can have one switchboard for one room. That has two or three power sockets in it. And, then use the extension socket board. Mainly 3 socket plug [ปลั๊ก 3 ตา, which is the term in Thai] is good. So, that one can charge three different devices at the same time. Or can attach three different electric appliances in it.

These extension boards are very helpful. Because it can be placed anywhere in the room. And, people can also adjust it according to their comfort. That can’t be done with the switchboards. That is why it is better to use one or two extension boards in the house. Rather than having three switchboards in the house.

Start taking a universal adapter with luggage

Charging is a difficult thing in foreign countries. Because no one knows which type of power plug is being used in that country. That is why it is better to carry a universal adapter. To charge all the electric equipment. And, use Usb power plug with 3 socket [ปลั๊ก 3 ตา usb, which is the term in Thai]. In this there will also be a point for charging a device through a USB port. Plus, people can charge three devices from one universal adapter.

Check before buying the product

It is very important to check the product before buying it. So, people can ensure that nothing can bad happen with the product. And, if there is any defect then return it immediately. Only then the safety can be ensured.

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